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I love hand dyed indigo.

I love hand dyed indigo.

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like remember that time, this was a long time ago idk if you guys remember this but it stuck with me, when that person sent me an anon message like “i jerked off thinking about you and now i’m a wreck and i need aftercare” and i was like “listen bub i don’t wanna freak you out when you’re…

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Anonymous said: I'm a huge fan of your blog btw. But I was wondering if you could recommend any switch blogs? I'm a switch myself, and I just can't seem to find any of switches on tumblr. Plenty of sub/LgDd etc. Just no switches.


hmmmmm i’m p bad at recommending blogs cause i follow like 1000+ and mostly just let a stream of content trickle past my eyes. here’s what’s better, so u can find some:

reblog this post if you’re a bdsm blogger who switches!

Switches Rule!

fuck yeah!

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I love sexy purple nitrile gloves!

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